Netopalis Chapter Occoneechee Lodge 104
Questions and Answer

Who is Eligibility for the OA (Order of the Arrow)?
Scouts and Scouters under the age of 21 are elected
to the Order by their fellow unit members, following approval
by the Scoutmaster. More information go here.

I am a candidate, what do I need to bring for my Ordeal weekend?

You should plan to arrive at Camp Durant no later
then about 6 p.m. on the Friday evening of your Ordeal weekend.
No Friday evening meal will be served,
so plan to eat well before you arrive. The weekend activities
will last until around 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning (with a
brief nondenominational chapel service).

Pack for this weekend as you would for any troop outing: bring
sleeping gear, a tent, flashlight, toiletries, and any other
necessities. One exception from the standard camping equipment
is that of cooking or eating gear – these will not be needed,
as all meals (Saturday breakfast through Sunday breakfast)
will be provided. As with all Scouting functions, you should
bring your complete (“Class A”) Scout uniform. However, as
you will spend much of Saturday performing service for the
council camp, you should bring a change of work clothes (older
clothes that can get dirty), including work gloves. 

  What is a Conclave?
It is the most fun crammed into one weekend that
you can ever imagine! Our Conclave typically has between 1500
to 1,800 plus delegates from the 6 lodges that make up our Section.
There is tons of fellowship & competition at this event such
as: Campfires, Crackerbarrels, Patch trading, a Patch Auction,
Ceremony Competitions, Indian Dance Competitions, The Quest,
Training, and great food! This is one OA Event you do not
want to miss.

What does each office do?
A list of the chapter offices and what they do in

What does the “AIA” mean?

American Indian Affairs.More information here.

How do I get my brotherhood?

After 10 months of service and fulfilling certain requirements,
a member may take part in the Brotherhood ceremony, which
places further emphasis on the ideals of Scouting and the
Order. Completion of this ceremony signifies full membership
In the OA. If you need to know to look in your handbook or

What is Vigil Honor?

The Vigil Honor is the Order’s highest honor made
at the lodge level. The award is bestowed by special election
from a group of his peers within the Order upon an individual
recognizing exceptional service after a minimum of two years
as a Brotherhood member. However, the Vigil Honor is not a
third level of membership– they are still a Brotherhood member,
but one who has been bestowed with the Vigil Honor. The members
are advanced to the Vigil Honor after completing their Vigil.
The first Vigil Honor member was the founder of the Order
of the Arrow, E. Urner Goodman .


 How do I select a person
for Vigil Honor?

You must fill out a form and turn it in at Spring Powwow in March.

How do I sign up again
in the chapter and how much It cost?

$20 dollars a year or $104 a lifetime with your
membership to Boy Scout of America.
(Be a registered member of scouting example unit or district)

Where Is NOAC going to be held at and when?



How much will It cost to go to NOAC?
It will cost somewhere around $750 – $850 and up
plus food going up and back and Trading Post. The average cost
of the Trading post is $100 and up.

How much Is a OA function cost?
Going through your ordeal is $50.
Having gone through your ordeal and just wanting to go to
the function is $20. Conclave is about $30.00 /+
Elangomats $10.00
Going through your brotherhood is FREE
NOAC National Order of the
Arrow Conference around
$800 /+ every 2 years

You must have registered member of scouting to belong to
Order of the Arrow.

Where can I find the fictional
humorous camp story at?

story right here